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Brand identity & package design

Package designs for a family-run coffee company that celebrate Italian tradition and shout from the shelves.


Giobean is a small but mighty coffee brand in Kelowna, B.C. They have been serving their delicious proprietary coffee blends for over 10 years. Although the original owners sold their physical coffee shop in 2020, Giobean retains its brand and continues to market its blends via selected stores in Kelowna and through e-commerce.

As the business continues to expand within the local coffee industry and beyond, Giobean needed a distinct identity and package design, so they can stand out on store shelves and in digital content.

Giobean’s target market is broad. It spans age groups and comes down to one thing – people who care about, and appreciate, exceptional coffee.



Giobean and Atom Studio decided it was best if we focused on their roots. The founder, Giovanni Lauretta, is a passionate, Italian-born coffee expert and has more than 20 years of experience in the industry.

We wanted to reflect the artistry that Gio and the rest of his family brings to their craft, and the Italian heritage that informs everything they do.

The Giobean wordmark communicates strength and confidence. The wedge serifs add sophistication and tradition while maintaining a modern feel. The packaging focuses on references to famous Italian locations with delicate illustrations by Kagari Kaneoka to bring it to life.

The bright colours add joyful energy and enhances the shelf appeal. Since the release of the new designs for the product bags, it has allowed Giobean to secure new places to display their products in prime positions on store shelves.


Atom Studio was very collaborative and guided us throughout the whole design process. Their ability to listen and understand what we wanted to achieve with our new look helped keep the design true to our company roots. They approached the project with a welcome and rare professionalism with ideas and creativity that were far beyond what we had hoped for.

Lucy Lauretta
Co-founder, Giobean

Brand personality




Package design

Custom illustrations capture nostalgic scenery from well-known Italian locations.

Brand collateral

We created business cards and thank you cards with illustrations used for the packages with unique messages to add the Giobean’s brand personality. The rich, subtle ingredients of the Giobean brand were adapted for premium print collateral as well.


  • Art direction: James Jensen
  • Logo design: Matthew Jacula
  • Illustrations & package design: Kagari Kaneoka
  • Project management: Evonne Tran
  • Writing: Anders J. Svensson

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