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YMCA Calgary

Recruitment campaign

A recruitment campaign that speaks from the heart.


YMCA Calgary offers health and wellness facilities, child development centres, outdoor camps and dozens of community program sites across the city. They deliver programs, services and opportunities to help Calgarians connect, build life-long skills, and keep active and healthy.

One of the biggest challenges YMCA Calgary has is recruiting enough qualified staff and volunteers to deliver their programs. They participate in job fairs and other events, but they needed a design system that stands out from the noise, and can be adapted over time for different messages.



We tapped trusted partners Robert Urbanowski and Anders Svensson to figure out what motivates people to join YMCA Calgary as an employee or volunteer. The answer is the same for both: They are passionate about helping others find joy through activity. They love the city they live in, and want to help build community. They care about developing skills in others.

Anders’ writing plays off clichés related to fitness and working out, and points out what is really important. People who want to work out at the YMCA self-identify as caring, passionate people – and this messaging speaks directly to them. The design respects the YMCA brand, and gets the concept across with clarity and simplicity.


I can sum up my feedback in a two words: NAILED IT. The writing and design are spot on. On-brand so people can make that YMCA connection, but it has its own legs to stand on as well. Thank you!

Hayley Banyard
Former Marketing, Communications and Brand Manager, YMCA Calgary


These can be placed near the gym – often their best recruits are people who already use the facilities at the Y.



Staff at the Y wear them already – it’s a great conversation starter. They also make great giveaways at hiring events.


The Team

  • Art direction: James Jensen
  • Design: Matthew Jacula
  • Marketing strategy: Robert Urbanowski
  • Writing: Anders Svensson
  • Project management: Evonne Tran

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