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Calgary Reads

Reports to Community

Making annual reports fun and engaging for an organization all about early childhood literacy.


Calgary Reads is a non-profit organization dedicated to advocating for childhood literacy. The purpose of these reports is to inform their donors, partners and stakeholders of their accomplishments over the past year. The challenge is to create a report that reflects the joyful energy of Calgary Reads, and encourages their audience to read it.


As representation of an organization supporting childhood literacy, the last thing we wanted was for the reports to look boring. We crafted each report to be different from the last, while maintaining Calgary Read’s colourful palette. Through creative use of graphic elements, illustrations, and sometimes animations, we made them engaging, cheerful, and special.

We’ve been fortunate to have Atom design our annual Report to Community for several times – always with thoughtful and inspiring results. Atom helped us honour in our achievements and believe in the bright future ahead.

Steacy Pinney
Executive Director, Calgary Reads

2021–2022 Report to Community

As Calgary Reads’ final Report to Community, we focused on the theme of dandelions and spreading dandelion seeds, which signifies Calgary Reads’ programs and legacy being carried on through their partner organizations. It is closely tied to the Dandelion Story landing page we also worked on for them. Illustrations by Louisa Jensen and Iyla So help convey their message in an engaging and visual manner – like a children’s picture book.

2020-2021 Report to Community

This edition of the Report to Community highlighted the joyful impact Calgary Reads has made on the community. It was designed as an interactive experience that showcases joy through movement.

2019–2020 Report to Community

This annual report edition reflects on the importance of places and spaces for early-literacy initiatives brought about by Calgary Reads. The design features overlapping organic lines and shapes to symbolize the concept of space and its shifting meaning based on memory and community.

2015–2016 Report to Community

This year’s annual report marked the 15th anniversary of Calgary Reads. In order to celebrate the occasion, the report focused on stories and used the imagery of books stacked or shelved together to convey the idea of sharing stories. The design incorporated hand-drawn elements and textures to enhance the visual representation by making it feel playful and approachable.


  • Art direction: James Jensen
  • Design: Iyla So, Matthew Jacula, Morgan Curley
  • Illustration: Louisa Jensen, Iyla So
  • Project management: Evonne Tran

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