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Brand identity and website

Tauri, an upcoming global leader in supply chain management software, shines bright with a new brand identity and website.


Tauri is building the world’s leading supply chain management technology platform, by investing in and growing innovative tech companies – partnering with entrepreneurs to provide resources, operational advice, and global go-to-market best practices.

They came to Atom Studio for a brand identity, strategy, and website that would serve as a solid foundation for future communications and help potential SCM business partners understand that Tauri is a good fit for them.



Before starting any design work, Atom Studio researched Tauri’s peers and competitors and teamed up with brand strategist Ryan DeGama to pinpoint their brand personality.

The final Tauri logo is a literal

representation of the origins of the Tauri name, which is a forming star. It also symbolizes the amalgamation of multiple components to make something greater – representing their business strategy.

Following the motif of the logo, we created dot-based illustrations and icons for a unified look and feel, and to reference constellations of stars. Combined with a stark minimal colour palette, strong typography and treated photography, the resulting brand identity is clean, straightforward, and belongs firmly in the tech industry.


As a start-up with an International reach, we needed a new brand and a website that captured our personality and helped us communicate who we are to partners and clients worldwide. Our challenge – we needed real experts to take a seed of an idea and translate it into a design that aligns with our vision, values and approach in a polished and approachable way.

The Atom Studio team was by far the most organized and efficient creative and delivery team I’ve worked with in a branding and website project. They have the rare ingredients of technical, creative and project management capability to deliver our project on time and on budget. Most importantly, they had the ability to capture and communicate our personality.

The Atom Studio team raised my expectations of the standard one can expect from a brand and website team. I recommend Atom Studio to anyone looking for a creative team with technical chops to help shape a fresh, edgy brand.

Michael Lake
Co-founder, Tauri

Brand Personality





The Tauri website is the first touchpoint a potential business partner has with the Tauri brand. It is bold, memorable, and speaks directly to the target audience of SCM software entrepreneurs.


Custom icons based on a dot grid help convey abstract and complex concepts with elegance.


  • Art direction: James Jensen
  • Brand strategy & copywriting: Ryan DeGama
  • Design: Iyla So
  • Development: Jennifer Leigh
  • Project management: Evonne Tran

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