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Brand identity & website

Empowering purpose-driven entrepreneurs and leaders to reach their full potential with a custom website for a new leadership coaching business.


The leadership coaching business, dedicated to empowering purpose-driven entrepreneurs and leaders, aimed to build a professional website and brand image to showcase Chantel’s offerings. She caters to mid-level leaders and entrepreneurs who are motivated by growth and impact, and offers a range of coaching options including individual packages, group coaching, self-study programs, and VIP packages with strategic consulting and in-person retreats.


The website was designed to have a personal and authentic feel, with a clear layout to showcase the offers – and an accessible contact form. We made it highly visual, featuring recent photography of Chantel to build trust, and nature-inspired imagery to align with her adventurous side. The results of the project helped Chantel generate leads, grow her email list, and land those important first clients.

Atom Studio helped me overcome the biggest challenge I faced in launching my coaching business – creating a brand identity and website that effectively communicate my unique value proposition. Their attention to detail and understanding of my goals resulted in a high-quality design that truly set me apart from the competition.

Over the last 10 years, I have consistently been impressed with their work and the positive impact it has had on my business. I would highly recommend Atom Studio to anyone seeking a design firm that goes above and beyond to create a unique and impactful solution.

Chantel Elliott
Founder, Chantel Elliott Coaching and Consulting

Brand personality





Our design delivers a personal and authentic experience, showcasing Chantel’s expertise as a business leadership coach – and her adventurous side. The site highlights her unique offerings, and features tasteful teal and gold colours to embody Chantel’s energetic and dedicated mindset.


  • Art direction: James Jensen
  • Design: Kagari Kaneoka
  • Development: Kagari Kaneoka, Jennifer Leigh
  • Portrait photography: Neil Zeller

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