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Dandelion story


Calgary Read’s legacy continues through a new joyous concept and landing page – Dandelion Story.


Calgary Reads was a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting early childhood literacy throughout Calgary.

Upon their dissolution, they required a landing page to reassure their audience that despite this unfortunate event, their key programs and legacy will continue through their partner organizations.

They wanted this landing page to be an expression of joy and celebration, and gratitude to all their supporters over the last 22 years.

The client came to us with the idea of a dandelion theme – representing the spreading of the programs, intentions and ideas. We had to work within a tight budget and timeline, so decided that a single landing page was the best course of action.



The Dandelion Story landing page needed to be reminiscent of Calgary Reads, but have its own look and feel to signify that Calgary Reads was moving on. We chose to focus on the orange as a bright, positive colour, while using the other colours from the Calgary Reads palette as accents.

Instead of Futura for the typography, we chose the more legible Mr Eaves XL, which is also used in their related brand, Little Red Reading House. Animation of the illustration in the hero as well as other custom dandelion illustrations by Louisa Jensen bring the page to life.

The resulting landing page is whimsical and joyful, while still clearly communicating key messages of how Calgary Reads initiatives will move in the future, and thanking their supporters in a celebratory manner.


With the sweetest dandelion illustrations, art that evokes the feeling of possibility, touches of our signature charm – Atom helped us all honour our achievements and believe in the bright future ahead. We’ve received so many compliments and well wishes, and we know we will treasure this for years to come. Thank you, Team Atom, for an outstanding design!

Natalie Appleton
Founder & Senior Writer/Strategist, Read Head Studio Inc.

Brand Personality




Landing page

This single landing page serves to celebrate and thank Calgary Read’s audience for the last twenty-two years of support, and reassure them that despite the dissolution, their assets will be left in good hands to continue their mission of spreading early childhood literacy.



  • Art direction: James Jensen
  • Design: Iyla So
  • Illustration: Louisa Jensen
  • Development: Jennifer Leigh
  • Project management: Evonne Tran

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